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E-mini Room Conversation April 19, 2013

These are early entire's of the e-mini trading room conversation transcript. None of my entries will be excluded from these conversations and the only edits will come from those who wish to not be included and those who violate room rules. This is meant to be informative and educational. This early conversation was not accompanied by time stamps, but future conversations will include timestamp's for greater use.

The E-mini Room Transcript Without Timestamps

Chris: Hello Traders

Terry: hey Chris

Terry: long tf at 900.3 with 6 tick stop loss

Humber has left.

Terry: out Terry: 902.7

Terry: +24 ticks

jake: super trade!!

Terry: ty jake

Terry: 2 contracts

Terry: looking for a short if this doesnt hold if I have time

richyrich has joined.

Terry: moved to fast to call but looks like more downside

Claire has joined.

Terry: out hope some of you got some of the move

Terry: Got 2 softball games at the college so calling it a day got to get to the field

Terry: Thanks Chris if ur still in

Terry: gm?

Tom: gm?

richyrich: gm all

Humber: good am?

Terry: long cl at 78

Tom: Terry are you still on May's contract??

Terry: yep

Terry: out

Terry: 92

Terry: +14

Terry: looking to short

Tom: Good one

Terry: ty Tom

Terry: missed short

Terry: long cl at 78

Tom: Another good one

Terry: out . 00

Terry: +22

Tom: Time to shut down and go golfing or

Terry: make more ticks lol?

Terry: got softball practice later

asiaexpat: terry u play softball??

asiaexpat: me too

asiaexpat: bangkok softball league

Terry: I'm college pitching coach

asiaexpat: fastpitch

Terry: yes

asiaexpat: aha--different animal--we are a beer slowpitch league?

Terry: lol been there?

Terry: went long cl earlier moved to fast to post

Terry: still in

Terry: added one on pullback

Terry: out

Terry: long cl .04

Tom: You are on fire today!

TomG: Good morning everyone

Terry: out at .12

Terry: hey TomG

TomG: Hi Terry, what are you trading?

Terry: great day so far

Terry: cl

TomG: congrats

Terry: looking to go long one more time

Terry: ty

TomG: I switched over to take a look, what are you seeing

Terry: nothing now just waiting for a pull back now the long is out

richyrich: es tough to trade today

TomG: I was working on the TF. Its a mess

Terry: looked at it earlier was much movement

Terry: wasnt

jake: DJ down $50 TF up $8 EMD up $14

Terry: good pullback

TomG: ther was no sense to the movement. it was spiking and it was very hard to trade. I took 2 trades and was stopped out on both. One was a little speculative but the other was solid so I thought

Humber: ES is also choppy

Terry: yep didnt enter any as my chart didnt line up right and then got a call from one of my pitchers

richyrich: S&P looks like it wanted to punch through 1550 but who knows

Terry: be back in a few

Terry: alright

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