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Tick in E-mini Trading

By Chris on 2013-08-26 in Emini Room Definitions (0) Comments

The way most understand a tick is correct. It's in simple terms the increments for which each instrument moves. For example the ES or S&P 500 will move at an increment of .25. If price is at 1200 the only two things that can happen from here would be a move to either 1200.25 or a move to 1199.75. If you're holding 1 contract and price moves this .25 you'll see a profit of $12.50 at each tick.

Another way to view "Tick" is through a tick chart.

Sometimes a "tick" can mean something totally different as you venture into trading. An example of this is a "tick chart" which is very much different from a "tick" within an instruments structure. A tick chart is a chat bar style that relates to the number of trades within a desired period. For me I use the 600 tick chart which means that after 600 trades the bar will move on to form another. This is unrelated in my eyes to a "tick" as it is generally known.

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