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By Chris on 2013-08-26 in Emini Room Definitions (0) Comments

As a trader you should have one goal which is to develop a trading style of your own. This goal sounds easy, but there are a few things that occur. The first is a trader makes an attempt, but finds out they can't balance their time to develop one. There move is to go in search of a guru for answers. This is not to say you can't find value from another trader. This is a clarification that the reason they do well with what they do is probably an extenstion of knowing it well enough to teach it. Most don't know a strategy well enough to teach it, thus there trading style reflects that. It probably is a mix of blind attempts with no backbone. A trading style should be developed, written in your trading plan and held to a high standard. Continue to reasearch while creating your own style and niche within the market. It will be unique to you and your trading style and not based on those you've learned from.

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