Emini Trading Money Management

By Chris on 2013-08-26 in E-mini Trading (0) Comments

Money management in emini trading is very important and no matter how large your account grows you should never trade if you don't feel comfortable with the size you're using or amount you have at risk.

Managing Contract Size

A good stair step way of managing the amount of contracts to trade would be to go with 1 for every $5,000 to $6,000 in profits or in your account. Just starting out I'd never say someone should trade more than 1 contract though. If you have the luxury of starting with a large account don't go blowing your account out. Learn to trade on one and increase with the above stair step pattern.

Managing Stop Size

I never use anything less than 8 ticks for a stop though I try to not take a full stop out if it's not necessary. If I'm looking to pull out 20 ticks from the market you won't see me using anything more than half of that as a stop. So for that example 10 ticks would be as far out as I would go if I'm looking for 20 in my strategy. It's imperative for you guys to remember not to lose sight of progress and how you get there. You need to take profits that exceed your losses thus I stick to at least a 2 to 1 profit target to stop size. The amount of ticks I want is determined by the time frame I am looking to trade.

Going to break even

I used to have a problem going to breakeven, but for me now it hurts much less to gain nothing then to lose money. So I tend to be fairly conservative, but that fits my personality. I'm sure many here do this in different ways, but this is just my style and how I like to manage my trade.

Taking Profits

I take profits from time to time even if I'm a tick away from my target. I never get greedy when it comes to taking profits as 1 tick shouldn't determine if that trade was profitable or not. If it is struggling to make that last tick then I just take it off or lock in profits with my stop as Chris does. This I believe should be the first post read if you're just starting out and before you place a trade. Understand yourself and understand your account when managing your emini trading.

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