Best Practices When E-mini Trading

By Chris on 2013-08-26 in E-mini Trading (0) Comments

Something to remember is that you need to be patient in your trading. It may in most cases be better to wait for your support to hold then an entry at your support or a tick or 2 in front is placed. No need to assume always that your support or resistance will hold every time.

Trade Regular Hours

If you are to be an early bird be sure to be this consistently and create a plan based on this. Don't try to fit a plan into a specific time, but rather develop with that mind set. Its probably not a good idea to try and trade the overnight session as well as the day session every day. There are times when it is advantageous while there are times when it is not. Learn to understand what makes it advantageous and only trade the overnight then. Just be consistent with whatever you choose to do.

Trading The Overnight

Don't trade the overnight as well as the day session. I've posted about it before, but to make it simple. This never turns out the way you think it will as you will lose energy eventually. I've done it and I've paid for doing it.

Keep In Shape

I try to lift weight or at least jog everyday so that I feel better through the day. I may not work out first thing in the morning every day, but I do it at some point through the day. Even if it's a little walking in place or squats as you step off your bed till you get a sweat. I need to get my motor going always.

Always Use Stops

Always use stops when trading even if it is a worst case order. If the power goes out or your internet stops working then at least you have something in until you've reached your broker.

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